Quick Start Guide

The easiest way to create dynamic outdoor advertising and reach millions of people!

Three Easy Ways to Start Advertising Today!

There are three ways to advertise on illumobile’s pedestrian digital outdoor network:

  1. Call us at 650.574.5944 and one of our sales representatives will guide you all the way to scheduling your campaign.  We also provide creative services to clients who need support in building an effective message.
  2. Contact us or email us at advertise@illumobile.com with your details about your promotional efforts, and we’ll present you with a recommended package that suits your needs.
  3. If your content is ready to broadcast, create an account and upload your advertisement today!  It’s so easy, here’s how:

Create Ad

Log in or create an account, and then either upload existing content directly to our servers, reference existing content that resides on the Web, or create your content with our online content creator. Don’t have the time to create your own ad? Don’t worry – we have a staff of experienced designers. Call us for details: 650.574.5944.

Choose Location

Once you’ve finished creating your ad, select when and where your ad will air – just point and click your way to the most effective outdoor advertising solution available!  Need help selecting the right location, just call us and we’ll walk you through it: 650.574.5944!


Now it’s time to broadcast your ad to millions - submit your billing information, and that’s it!  We will broadcast your ad to the display selected at the time desired, and we’ll send you emails to update you on the process. With our low rates, we make outdoor advertising affordable to everyone!
If you have questions about our services please email advertise@illumbile.com or call us at 650.574.5944.

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