ViP™ Program


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If you are interested in receiving a free Vennue Display™ contact us, and we’ll provide you details on the benefits of hosting an illumobile display in your storefront. Email us or Call us: 650.574.5944.

Increase Foot Traffic into Your Store

The illumobile Vennue Display™ is refreshingly new! The idea is simple and ingenious – a high resolution digital display that streams dynamic advertisements to pedestrians near your store. Our Vennue Displays™ have been designed specifically to catch people’s attention and get them to walk into your store and shop. It’s that simple!

It’s Free.

We provide you a state-of-the-art digital display for Free! No hidden costs whatsoever. We provide you with a dedicated section of the display (the ViP Spot) to advertise for your business and products. We install, operate, and maintain our displays. Your organization experiences no extra burden.

What’s the Catch?

There is none. We provide you with everything you need to get started! As a ViP™ you receive our Vennue Display™ for free! We also provide you with exclusive access to our website to launch your own ad campaigns plus a dedicated section of the display (the ViP Spot) to broadcast your ads to promote your business and products – All free of charge! illumobile offers a cost-effective and easy way to attract new customers and increase foot traffic through your door.

Benefits You Receive as a ViP

The Vennue Display

The Vennue Display™ is a high-resolution digital display that offers crystal clear, dynamic ad content delivery, remotely controlled via the Internet. Think of it – a rich media platform displaying eye-catching ads tailor-made for advertising your store and products – you can broadcast virtually anything! With a Vennue Display™ you can change your ad weekly or daily. Call us for details: 650.574.5944.

World Class Customer Service & Technical Support

Each Vennue™ Display is expertly engineered, designed, installed, and maintained exclusively by illumobile. It imposes no administrative burden or unnecessary expenses on your business. Aesthetically refined, elegant in appearance, and easy to install – our Vennue Display™ integrates seamlessly with your storefront. We install and configure each Vennue Display™ to suit your store. Call us for details: 650.574.5944.

Exclusive Access to the illumobile Network

Our certified engineers – experts in network technology have designed the Vennue Display™ to integrate seamlessly with your business. As a ViP, we offer discounted rates for advertising your business across our display network. We have a number of predesigned ad content packages you can choose from – or you can experience the fun of creating custom ad content to suit your individual marketing needs. We can also assist you in designing ads.

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Simple & Easy to Use
The benefits of deploying an illumobile Vennue Display™ in your storefront include:

  • Proven increase in customer foot traffic into your store
  • Proven increase in same store sales
  • An eye-catching and effective way to deliver custom ads and messages to promote your products and services
  • Free Vennue Display installation
  • Free Vennue Display Hardware
  • Free Vennue Display Software
  • World Class customer service and technical support