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Reach Millions of People with StoreFrontScreens™

illumobile’s outdoor digital display network (called StoreFrontScreens™) reaches millions of pedestrians at natural inflection points in neighborhood commercial districts. We provide a cost-effective and targeted way for clients to advertise on a dynamic outdoor media platform.

Outdoor Digital Media for Everyone

At illumobile, we believe that everyone should have access to outdoor advertising. That’s why we’ve built the best outdoor digital network available. Whether you advertise on our large Metro Spot or our more economical Community Spot, our versatile platform will fit your needs. Each display within our StoreFrontScreens™ network reaches 200,000+ pedestrians every month. Advertising across ten displays yields reaches 2 million+ people per month and advertising across our entire network reaches over 5 million+ Bay Area residents every month. Call us to launch your ad campaign and influence your target audience today!

Broad Reach at Incredibly Low Rates

We deploy our displays in densely trafficked, urban areas, and situate them at eye-level, achieving optimal reach to pedestrian traffic. According to an Arbitron study, pedestrian media achieves a 79% reach, far more than print and TV media. At $200 per month for our largest format Metro Spot, you’ll reach thousands of people at a price point that is much more cost-effective than print or traditional outdoor billboards. Call us for our rate sheet and details: 888.692.8661!

Take Advantage of our Creative Services

We offer affordable creative design services to all our users. Whether you have an ad ready for the network or have never produced a digital ad before, our creative team is here to help! Our graphic designers are experts at creating eye-catching customized ads to meet marketing needs! Call for details: 888.692.8661.

Community Economic Development

illumobile is a contributing member of our community. A portion of our advertising space is donated to local charitable organizations such as the AIDS Foundation, American Cancer Society, and Leukemia Foundation, and San Francisco International Film Festival. We offer special rates for Non-profits! Call us for details: 888.692.8661.

illumobile Advertise

illumobile Metro Sport, VIP Sport, Community Sport StoreFrontScreens™ Specifications
  • Full HD, 1080p resolution
  • At least 42 inches
  • At least 550 nits brightness
  • Over 176 degree viewing angle
  • Supports all popular image and video formats
Metro Ad Spot
  • Covers 45% of display at coveted top position
  • 864 pixels high by 1080 pixels wide
  • Each ad cycles once every 2 minutes
  • Starting at $200 a month per display
Community Ad Spot
  • Covers 20% of display
  • 768 pixels high by 540 pixels wide
  • Each ad cycles once every 3 minutes
  • Starting at $80 a month per display